Product Overview

1. Introduction

To serve as a reminder to those of you who looked into the software some time ago, the AppliCad range of products are designed specifically for the Roofing and Cladding markets. All of our products utilise a CAD (computer aided design) system, which is already included in the price, to draw up the roof or wall outline accurately in 3 dimensions, and then, from that 3D drawing, the software automatically calculates the amount of material to cover the roof or wall, along with all the necessary flashings. The result of this is the production of a detailed quotation breakdown, and the ability to generate your own user-defined forms to present to your customers, or for internal use. These forms include quotations, labour pay summaries, order forms for your suppliers, invoices and drawings.

Roof Wizard for any roofing system - for metal, tile, slate, shingle, shake and even thatch; for siding and cladding; plus all underlayments, trim and accessories.

When deciding if estimating software will be important for your business, there are various features that you should be looking out for. We hope that we have addressed each of these features with sufficient flexibility and thought.

· Ease of Use - We have designed many user friendly menus and functions within the software. There is always a struggle to achieve a happy medium between ease of use and functionality, but we feel we offer a product that successfully utilises roofers language and terminology, yet is flexible enough to cater for the wide variations in processes all over the world.

· Flexibility - It is always important, when considering a software package, to ensure that it will be able to adapt to the methods that you may apply. Because we have been developing this software over 10 years, based on feedback from roofing contractors all over the world, we know we have built in many functions that allow for the regional variations.
· Coursing the Tiles or Laying out the Sheets - There are software packages out there that offer a means of a take-off, but many of these are based on using nett areas of the roof and dividing it by the square area of the tile, panel or ply product. We have gone about things differently and will actually simulate laying each tile or panel on the roof, ensuring that our reported values are the closest to the actual requirement.

· Company Reputation and Support - AppliCad have been developing and selling this software for many years. Over the years we have constantly expanded, offering a greater level of support to our customers all over the world. We now have three fully operational branches - Australia, USA and the UK, with each branch being able to offer immediate telephone support. We also use our web site as a means of providing additional support and tutorials.


1. Introduction
Modelling the Roof
2. Drawing up the Roof
3. Importing Roof or Building outlines from another CAD system
4. Importing Roof or Building outlines from a scanned image or bitmap
5. Using our Track-Outline Command
6. Drawing up Multi-Hip Roofs
7. Drawing up first storey Roofs
Modifying the Model
8. Modifying the Roof
9. Changing the Pitch of any roof planes
10. Inserting Dormers
11. Creating Atriums or modifying the eave line
12. Projecting two roofs together with differing eave heights
13. Inserting Bay Windows
14. Cutting out sections of the roof
Selecting Roof Material
15. Covering the Roof
16. Tile & Accessory Selection
17. Metal Panel Selection
18. Applying BUR/ Single Ply to low slope roofs
19. Applying Flashings - Standard
20. Applying Flashings - Custom Profile
21. Applying Insulation and Fall Protection
Quanitifying Roof Material
22. Estimate the Materials
23. Explanation of Blocking the Roof to minimize wastage
24. Offsetting the roof for greater accuracy
25. Generating Panels the conventional way
26. Splitting Panels for commercial and long span jobs
27. Inserting Translucent Panels
28. Linear Nesting of the cut sheets
Job Costing and Quotation
29. Costing the Job
30. Using Stage Manager to break up the quote, order or invoice
31. Using Quote Groups to break quote down into separate values
32. Labour Rate Flexibility
33. Supply Only or Supply and Install Quotes
34. Saving Quote Data
Sharing Data
35. Exporting Data to other programs
36. Printing the reports
37. New Integration of Wall Cladding and Roofing software
38. What does all this mean to your business?
39. Customer Testimonials
40. Our Value Proposition Statement

40. Our Value Proposition

To assist you in the justification of such an investment within your company, I have listed below, some of the features of our software, that you may or may not be aware of:

- cost is less than other solutions
- investment in our software includes unlimited support for 12 months, with option to renew each year
- easier to learn and use, therefore reduced cost of ownership
- annual Investment Protection (IP) program very comprehensive
- multiple licences are available at discounted rates
- fully networkable for file sharing and printer sharing
- effectively 24 hour support

- wide range of modelling functions
- insert bay windows, drop eaves and gable commands (overall, easier modelling functions)
- all accessories are automatically picked up for flashings and trim
- custom flashings and profiles plus export drawing of custom profile
- all fabrication and installation allowances for trim are automatically accounted for (lap, corner and run etc.)
- automatically creates a flashing plan and purlin layout drawing
- Stage Manager® for better job management and material delivery scheduling
- automatic order and invoice generation
- fall barriers and insulation quantities determined
- fall protection planning may be done and costed
- operator may modify roof in any 3D view, easier to use on complex roofs
- powerful heavy duty CAD system included
- customisable reports

- export GRIM files and CSV file to share data with other office management and inventory systems
- may be integrated with PocketPC (pocketROOFmedia) for external data capture

- company longevity - we've been doing this for over 18 years
- CEO has over 36 years experience with CAD/CAM technology
- exports software to 37 countries around the world
- proof of concept for web based estimating completed and now in full operation (
- sales and support offices in USA, UK and Australia

- fully illustrated and most comprehensive training and reference manuals in soft copy (on the CD and installed into the /.xx./Manuals folder) and hard copy, plus, fully accessible from within the software while you are working - when you need it!
- web help - tips and tricks, latest tutorials available for download
- context sensitive on-screen help (middle button on the command)
- unlimited undo and redo in a session (Undo and Redo on icon menu)
- automatic crash file ensures work can be recovered in the event of power interruption (File > Recover)

- everything in the software is there because a roofer has requested it
- we maintain a 'knowledge base' of all suggestions ever made and they are progressively incorporated based on priority of need

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