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Swenson Shear

Swenson Shear Releases Much Anticipated Panel Hemmer For Folding Eave Panels

Swenson Shear has expanded its Snap Table® line once again with the addition of The Hemmer.
The tool receives a notched eave panel and folds a perfect radius hem on the panel in one single
motion. No further crimping is required.

Using a die that is uniquely designed to roll around the front edge of the panel, the innovative Hemmer
tool eliminates the scratching of paint and denting or bulging of the panel that is often associated
with the use of current hand-held bending tools.

“The Hemmer is a significant addition to the Snap Table® line,” according to Jonathan Dravecky,
President of Swenson. “We started with a clean slate in the development of this tool and the resulting
hem speaks for itself. Panels that are notched and hemmed in a consistent and repeatable manner
will produce an eave that is aesthetically pleasing to architects and building owners alike. Hemming
is now fast and easy, enhancing even more the efficiency of the Snap Table® tool system.”

The Hemmer is available as an accessory attached to a Snap Table, or on a standalone base. Find
pictures and video of the hemmer under the Shop Talk menu at www.swensonshear.com. In October
Swenson will be at Metalcon International demonstrating this new time-saving device.

About Swenson Shear

Swenson Shear manufactures metal cutting notchers and shears for exposed fastener and concealed
fastener roofing and wall systems.

For more information, call 877-588-8748 or go to www.swensonshear.com.

Close-up view of a metal panel that has been notched and hemmed.

The Hemmer with a metal panel after notching and hemming.

A view of The Hemmer and panel from the slitter.

The Hemmer viewed head-on.

Swenson's innovative Snap Table fitted with The Hemmer.

Great partnerships often result in two plus two equals five. The partnership of the Swenson Shear
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value of the component parts. The savings are real and you may recover the initial investment
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